Pulse drivers

Four different pulse generators, one for each type of clock!

Different types

We have four different regular pulse generators as shown above. Each is suitable for a certain type of clock, differing in their (electro)technical control.

Voltage and Current.

Many clocks have a fixed pulse voltage, for example 24 volts, and pulse once per minute. But there is also the 'French system'. These do not have a fixed voltage, but a fixed current. And then there is the 'English system', which also works with a fixed current, but with higher values than the French system.

How often do we pulse?

Most 12/24V clocks use 1 pulse per minute. French and English clocks generally require 1 pulse every 30 seconds. However, this so-called pulse frequency can vary. For example, there are 24V clocks that require a pulse every 30 seconds.


And then there are three types classified as special (not yet included in the overview):

  • Type 12/24V MIN + SEC pulse output; for clocks with two pulse movements: one for the minutes/hours, and a separate one for a second hand (or 2.5 second hand/"suchzeiger"). Note: the Dutch Railways station clock does have a second hand, but it operates on 230V AC mains voltage.
  • Type 7/12V; this is similar to the 12/24V pulse generator, but with adjustable 7 or 12 volt pulses.
  • Type ‘Speciaal‘, with settings specifically tailored for a special clock!

Which one is suitable for my clock?

If you're unsure which pulse generator is suitable for your clock, send us an email with a photo and we will 'determine' the clockwork without any obligation!